Seller Regulations

Buyers and sellers are responsible for making sure that their transactions comply with PayPal policy and the law. Items bought and sold must be legal in both the seller’s and the buyer’s locations. PayPal prohibits any transactions that we determine (or suspect) might be illegal. PayPal also regulates transactions involving:

  • Items that fall into highly regulated categories or industries, many of which are also regulated by government and other agencies worldwide. One such category is animal and wildlife products, including the sale and delivery of live animals or any part of an endangered or protected animal.
  • Embargoed goods -- items that are subject to government sanctions or a ban on trade with particular countries, businesses, organizations, or individuals. Merchants must comply with the rules and regulations enforced by the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control. 
  • The resale of entertainment and event tickets, including sporting events, concerts, and plays.
  • Professional sports club and football tickets in the United Kingdom, including the resale of tickets for football matches. Such transactions are highly regulated, and can even be subject to criminal prosecution. We don’t allow transactions for tickets to professional football matches that take place in England or Wales; take place outside England or Wales but in a country or region where English and Welsh national and club teams are eligible to play; are held anywhere in the world as part of a competition or tournament organized by FIFA or UEFA, if an English or Welsh national or club team has participated or is eligible to participate. 

PayPal may allow authorized dealers and professional sports clubs to sell tickets to these matches, but only with our prior approval. 

  • Law enforcement and police-related items like badges, equipment, or anything that’s restricted (or prohibited) by domestic and international law enforcement agencies. 
  • Merchants in industries that require licensing or registration with a government or other official agency. We may request special documentation from such merchants before they can buy or sell using PayPal.

PayPal account holders are responsible for ensuring that their transactions comply with the laws and regulations in their jurisdiction. PayPal prohibits any transaction we determine or suspect may be illegal. The following are examples of items from highly regulated industries that are subject to the requirements of the Acceptable Use Policy. 

  • Animal and Wildlife Products – The sale and delivery of live animals and certain endangered or protected animal parts are regulated by governmental agencies worldwide. Transactions for these items must comply with all applicable laws. 
  • Embargoed Goods – Various governmental agencies have sanctions that substantially regulate or ban all trade with particular countries, businesses, organizations, or individuals. PayPal prohibits transactions that violate any of these requirements. 
  • Event Tickets – The resale of entertainment event tickets (including sporting events, concerts, and plays) must comply with all laws and regulations in the applicable jurisdiction.

How to Contact Us
If you have any questions about this Regulations Statement, you may contact PayPal.