IMAGINATION is more important than knowledge. ~ Albert Einstein

What do I do?

I can help you solve a problem. The problem might be that you need to organize your paperwork, i.e. sales orders, notes from customers/clients, purchase orders…you need to create and keep track of invoices…you need to take payments in and match them to those invoices.


These problems could mean you need a database to solve them. I create databases to handle all the tasks you need to complete. I use FileMaker Pro as my database creation tool, and I use it in combination with other programs you may already have, like Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Entourage), Adobe Acrobat (pdf files), Adobe DreamWeaver (web sites), your e-mail program (Mail, Outlook, etc.) and your web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

Web sites and Internet Marketing

I have things in my head that are not what anyone has taught me—shapes and ideas so near to me—so natural to my way of being and thinking. ~ Georgia O'Keefe

Why create a web site? Usually you want to share something with someone else and you want to share it using a medium most people are familiar with…a web browser. What you want to share could be something as simple as a picture album, or something as complicated as a web store to sell your products. As with anything, the clearer you are about what you want, the easier it will be to create it. JB of Draga Design created my website and I am very happy about it. JB is conscientious, creative, talented and patient. She answered my innumerable questions, made great suggestions and worked with me until my ideas became computer literate. I appreciate her computer knowledge and artistic sense, and I recommend her to my friends. Thanks JB ~ Cheryl Schwartz, DVM

What is collateral?

It's anything that represents your business, or project,…cards, letterhead, invoices and/or order forms, logos, etc. The format could be as small as a business card and as large as a billboard on the side of a highway. Ensure that whatever people see represents what you want them to think about you, and by extension, your business.

Books & Print

I work on layout or design, or, in some cases, both. It's very satisfying to sculpt words on a page as one might sculpt forms in clay, or stone. Even with computers, the Internet,“smart” devices, people still want to read paper, to feel it in their hands, to fold it up and put away for later, or stick it up on the fridge…a great way to get your message out.